Customized Training

Improve performance, increase engagement and accelerate leadership development.

Our specialty is developing custom world-class training programs for any industry and in virtually any subject. We take the time to work with many levels within an organization to identify the goals for each training program. We have a proven process of achieving buy-in through collaboration.

This process begins with analyzing company data, then conducting structured interviews and focus group studies. Our customized approach allows us to get a realistic view of the organization’s current strengths and development opportunities. Today’s clients and customers expect your company to truly “walk the walk.” Yet, the importance of authenticity goes far beyond the immediate consumer. Your ability to attract the highest level of employee talent is at stake, as well.

Each training program has a highly interactive participation component. Our expertise in accelerated learning and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques establishes optimal conditions and lasting results. Our pre- and post-training actions are pivotal for long-term success.

Steinbrecher Group recognizes that the overriding target of every training program is effective facilitation. Once your custom training is designed, we strategize with you to complete an implementation plan. We can certify your internal facilitators in the program, or we can provide our own professional facilitators to deliver the training worldwide.

When teams experience a challenging time or misalignment, Steinbrecher Group provides a customized approach that supports each unique team’s needs. This includes assessment, feedback, interpersonal and organizational skill building practices, allowing team members to have a deeper level of understanding and appreciation for each other’s personalities and interpersonal dialogue.

Steinbrecher’s process includes:

  • Understanding the dynamics of the team and its history
  • Establishing mutual expectations of both the leader and the team
  • Designing agreements and a code of conduct for working together
  • Setting a plan to hit the ground running without any missteps

Let’s look at a few common scenarios that spark potential barriers.

There’s always uncertainty when a new leader joins an established team.

Especially when the new leader comes from outside the company. Both the leader and team members want to make a strong first impression, establish expectations for each other, develop a routine for how they’ll work together, and be certain that they are set up for lasting success.

The new leader is promoted from within the team.

The leader is moving from a peer to boss and analyzing how to set a new shared vision for the team. The new leader must build alignment with key team members who did not get the promotion. 

Our multidimensional organizational assessment covers a wide range of criteria to meet the demands of 21st-century ideals.

The organizational assessment process provides you with a management report offering a comprehensive set of actionable solutions, changes, coaching development, and recommendations for building a successful culture.

Transformational Leadership Talent   |   Ethics and Integrity   |   Sustainability Practices   |   Capacity for Innovation   |   Flexibility and Adaptation   |  Employee Engagement   |   Emotional Intelligence

Steinbrecher has been a tremendous asset to my team (and me personally) in elevating our leadership skills to reach new levels of success in a progressive and complex business environment. Steinbrecher Group’s approach is potent yet thoughtful, transformative yet non-threatening; in essence, they can bring meaningful change through strong partnership and collaboration.

Our team has rallied behind Steinbrecher’s leadership principles and personal development process, which continue to evolve to remain relevant and impactful. We have incorporated Steinbrecher’s thought leadership into our business processes, training, and conferences for well over a decade. Anyone looking to better themselves, their team, and their organization should work with Steinbrecher Group.


Bill Duncan

Global Category Head, Focused Service & All Suites, Hilton

As Field Development Coach for Southeastern Operations, I am now better prepared to help our associates feel confident and capable in assisting our customers. Interacting with new associates and seeing how they are able to implement Aaron’s Guiding Principles, and properly greet and approach customers. This experience has truly touched my heart and motivates me each day.

Aidyn Lima

Field Development Coach, Southeastern Operations, Aaron’s