Executive Coaching

Executive coaching isn’t therapy. It’s product development, with better leaders as our product.

The demand for exceptional leadership skills has never been more vital to unlocking transformational growth in business. However, the fact remains that the higher you climb in most organizations, the less chance you have of eliciting feedback about your own performance.

Executives, by the very nature of their work (unstructured, highly evolving, immediate in action) can benefit in many ways from executive coaching sessions. To illustrate, let’s use a bit of an analogy: in sports, you would never dream of having a “playmaker” go without a coach. All the best athletes—regardless of their talent—have a coach, and so should the playmakers of businesses. Why are organizations willing to take a sink-or-swim approach with such valuable assets?

Steinbrecher offers a host of assessment tools and services that impart valuable insight into personal growth and leadership capacity.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)  |   Hogans Value Inventory  |   DISC  |   MSCEIT (Emotional Intelligence Assessment)
Lominger Voices 360° Assessment   |   Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) – Benchmarks   |   Heartmath Licensed Coach

Advanced Training: Coaching ROI 3-Day Workshop

Take your coaching practice to the next level with this advanced class that details Steinbrecher’s signature coaching method. In this three full-day learning experience, Steinbrecher Group utilizes all the tools and processes they currently use in our individual executive coaching practice.

We have been awarded an abundance of coaching contracts—mainly because our techniques are clearly distinguishable from other coaches. This has been validated several times by Steinbrecher’s clients who’ve worked with other coaches in the past and have seen a significant difference in the results they get from our proprietary coaching strategies.

The program is ICF CCE approved for 22.5 units. This experience is ideally suited for:

  • HR professionals experienced in the areas of coaching, facilitating, training and consulting
  • Independent coaches and consultants

Please contact us for details.